Buy Better Now, Then Sell Later

Announcing a Revolutionary New Way to Maximize Your Home Equity when Selling a Home or Condo in Atlanta

We get it, Yes selling your home right now sounds a little daunting as it may be difficult to secure your next ideal home or condo.  The media keeps talking about buyers being outbid and unable to buy that next property.  We have a better way!

Imagine having a rich uncle that lets you use their cash to buy that next property, being able to beat out 80% of the other buyers.  Even better having the ability to make that offer almost totally contingency-free truly makes your offer the strongest on the table...

 It's not a dream, It is our "Buy Better Now, then Sell Later" program and our lending team is the rich uncle.  Having this power at the negotiation helps us get you that 'ideal' home/condo and the lowest possible market price!  Even better, it allows you to go ahead and move so that we can get your current home in 'tip-top shape' before hitting the market. By the home being vacant there are no challenges with it being shown at a moment's notice as well thus helping achieve the largest buying audience possible.  This sets the stage for Forrest Team's unprecedented exceptional marketing to secure the highest possible offer for your property.  Then our rich uncle transfers the new home to you at the SAME PRICE! (See our 3 Secret Rules for Selling for More) This 'buy low and sell high' strategy truly maximizes your return on your equity.

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No Contingencies? How is that Possible?

Your protection is built-in see how in this quick video:

So yes there are a lot of details to discuss if this program is a great fit for your needs.  This is only one of many programs that our Team has developed to respond to the current marketplace challenges.  Some of the others include but are not limited to:
and many many more...
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Another Video about the Buy Better Now Program

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